Liposuction & Smart Lipo in Huntsville

LIPOPLASTY, or removal of unwanted fat, can be called LIPOSUCTION or SMART LIPO. Dr. Bundrick attended the first major training available in the United States in 1983. He has been perfecting the techniques since, and has added many new technology advances as they became available.

LIPOPLASTY commonly is used to remove the stubborn deposits of fat you lose last or gain first. It may be applied to most body parts. In addition, It may enhance other cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck or breast reduction.

SMART LIPO uses a special two-wavelength laser to smooth the interface just below the skin by melting fat as well as heating the skin. It may improve skin contraction. It is usually used in the neck and arms as that skin is thinner. SMART LIPO may help improve cellulite of the thigh area as well. Thicker skin usually responds best to aggressive removal of fat, as in the back and abdomen.

PAL or POWER ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION is a relatively new technology that allows a greater removal of fat than was possible before. It can also allow greater control for a smoother result. It is used on virtually all cases.

  • LIPOPLASTY is commonly done under general anesthesia, but smaller areas may be done with tumescent solution that contains a numbing medication as well as a medication to shrink blood vessels and reduce bruising.
  • Compression garments or bands are usually applied at surgery to help control swelling. Massage techniques can also speed healing and add to smoothness. Expect bruising to improve for several weeks and swelling to improve for several months or more.
  • LIPOPLASTY must be tailored to each individual’s fat deposits and skin elasticity. A consultation with Dr. Bundrick is essential to help each patient have reasonable expectations of the improvement they may receive.
  • LIPOPLASTY is NOT just a procedure to make you skinny. It is a body contouring operation to give the best symmetry and smoothing consistent with each individual’s skin tone and needs.

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