Breast Reduction in Huntsville

BREAST REDUCTION is a surgical procedure that creates a smaller, better shaped, and lifted breast.

  • It is often covered by insurance if the excess weight of the breasts is causing neck or back pain, headaches or shoulder pain and grooving. Skin irritation may be improved in the fold area.
  • Large breasts often are assymetical and have ptosis or sagging that require special bras.
  • It is often necessary to raise the nipple position and resize the areolas during breast reduction. Depending on the amount of lift, the ability to nurse may be affected.
  • If nursing is an important consideration, then liposuction techniques may yield a smaller breast with all ductal tissue intact. Weight can be reduced with minimal scars, but full lifting can be left until after child bearing.
  • This surgery is done as an outpatient under general anesthesia. Most people can return to work in 1-2 weeks with minimal post operative pain.
  • An individual consultation with Dr. Bundrick can answer most questions and provide a surgical plan that best suits each patient’s needs.

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