Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in Huntsville

BLEPHAROPLASTY is the surgical reshaping of the eyelids.

  • Upper lids may have an excess of skin or fat that make them look heavy and tired. This heavy skin may actually affect vision and make the surgery eligible for insurance coverage.
  • Upper eyelid heaviness may be made worse by a low brow. A BROW LIFT can be combined if indicated.
  • Lower lid BLEPHAROPLSTY is usually indicated because of large fat pads. This surgery can often be done from inside the lower eyelid totally avoiding an outer incision.
  • LASER RESURFACING is often done at the same time as a Blepharoplasty to achieve skin shrinkage and improvement of fine lines.
  • Recovery is aided by elevation and ice. There is rarely much pain. Bruising takes 2-3 weeks to resolve. Sutures are removed in less than a week. There may be drops or ointment prescribed. Contacts can be used in 10-14 days depending on swelling.
  • Results are usually a refreshed and less tired look often with improvement in visual fields. Any incisions are usually very faint and when healed can be difficult to see.

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